Monthly Archives: December 2012



ImageBreathe i on you

You breathe on i


We on parallel lines

Our gaze on these thighs


Behind you see i orange lining

Before i see you silver, sparkling


Outstretched arms reaches for mine

Mine stretches forth gracefully before count nine


Perfect you

Perfect i

Bound by this love we share

You and I


Two steps forward, two more forward

Eyes locked, keys thrown backward


Sweet melody envelopes two pairs of ears

Yes, enraptured in memorable years


My symphony, yours to cherish

Your symphony, mine to relish


Our smiles run across borders

A crime? Hmm, who longer bothers?


Perfect i

perfect you

Bound by these words we share

I and You


My feet expresses this dance

Your feet enjoying my melodic prance


Away to a fountain of fanciful joy

Oh how breathtaking, this i do employ


Your words drip on me, softly, soft

I rest on assurance, standing on this loft


My eyes your perfect looking glass

Your eyes make me smile, this has come to pass


Perfect you

Perfect i

Bound by this music we sing

You and I


Oh, now it doesn’t matter

Though their words scatter


Our visions bound by one

Tatafos are handing us none


Reach i for your lips

You reach for my kiss


Our embrace interlocked in a sphere

A glittering circle, i see so clear


Perfect… you

Perfect… i

Bound by these vows

You and I