Hi, I am excited to be here, let me introduce someone
Her name is Miss Pinochia Liesaetan
One of the many children of a well know man
You know, the one you pretend to detest; the old wretch
Anyway, she is happy standing here before people who love to carry her in their mouths
Most of you probably met her for the first time as children
Others did as adults; I won’t call you blind or remind you of how much fun you missed
So, allow me to pop your minds, open your eyes
Reminisce of how you called her names attached to where black and white lies
Yes, those extremely popular bits in places that beats within your hearts
Thumping your chests before making you dress and marinate her with words
Making her look beautiful, sexy, striding with Devil’s Red Prada on fast track from your head
Down to your mouth on the runway of your tongue to its tip
Oh Damn! She is sexy!
Your ears cannot resist her
Your tongues tastes, licking off the sweetness she has
Laced with bitter-sweet batter from her father’s bakery ogled in treachery
Your mothers and sisters have tasted her severally
They kept her, safely tucked away tied in the helms of their wrappers
In fact she has always been their best friend forever
Whenever they want your fathers to be the bread, they the winners
See, they make an unbeatable team
Your fathers have cheated on your mothers with her
They could not resist and still can’t look away from her sexiness
She leaves them breathless with the curves of her figure
She makes them go haywire
They take her everywhere, even to their lover’s houses
Using her against them
Pinochia is number one!
Your entire families use her successfully
Even you, use her against yourself absolutely

See her, bare-faced, not pretending to be anyone else but herself
She is bold, not afraid to frolic with anyone who cares to take her on a roller-coaster ride
She possesses success in magnitude, causing your souls to be tormented
She makes you love her more at every strike of the your grand-father’s ticking clock
Her concoction of mannerisms lies in a big fat belly of crawling lies
Hiding in the cloaks of false prophets’ tongues
Lying in the name of the highest God, Yaweh!
Who kicked her father out of Eden after lying to Eve with rehearsed hisses of lies
In fact, He hates her family with so much passion
He sent his beloved son to kick them out of your heads and tongues
Unfortunately, you can’t handle the truth that both of you broke up
That you are free from her shackles
So, you search to see like a peeping tom, to see if she still exists In your head
Of course, she still exists, when you just can’t take your eyes off what she fed
Your thoughts amplify her, in you, she is bloated
She creeps slowly into the shadow of your minds
Kissing them with the kiss of slow death, making you beg for more
Like she is making love to you, you grunting like pigs
Now, that’s dirty
You seized the opportunity to keep bluffing like a gambler
Screaming, “I want more!!!”
Same way your forefathers craved her in the past, sometimes black or white
Are you all branded racists?
Deliberately holding back facts, speaking carefully
Exaggerating your caresses on her body before you pout to kiss her
Kindly let me go, she doesn’t belong here
I know she is sweet and sexy
But can also be bitter and ugly
She will destroy you ‘cos evil reeks within her borders
I am no saint, but I know she is everywhere;
In the media, homes, schools, churches
In your bodies, your spirits and your souls
Crunching you, choking out every evidence of truthfulness
Making sure you are disoriented left confused
Run fast away from her! She is not a part of you
Not originally created to mingle with you
Let me remind you that her Dad is the ‘Father of lies’
You are a child of a truthful king, filled with truth and grace
So your Dad says to her Father
“Get thee behind me Saetan!”
Her father raced off, evacuating her from your minds.


About neofloetry

I am a lover of the real things of life and love. An actress, Playwright, Poetess and a lover of Hip Hop. I do not compromise my happiness for any negative thing and i am human. I just love to scribble down my thoughts, no matter the topic... I make mistakes! Welcome to my blog page.

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