Technology is an ILL-(yo)U-(tion) SHUN
Shut down your devices and look up, you’ll miss a good poSITion

We have lost eye contact with the ones we love
No more holding hands like hand-in-glove

Parents don’t know when their babies cry
Their family compassion has gone cold and dry

These very smart devices are so robotic
We do not know when an event is really fantastic

Social media is now our best friend
Our entire lives live in these communities; a trend

We no longer trust using the manual
We go on existing as well as nonfunctional

True relationship statuses have gone sour
Technology has absolutely come here to devour

What more can be said
After all you may have read

Think about the consequences
Then make the right choices

Technology is an ILL you will have to shun
It will never tell you when you have missed a good position

For every time you literally look down
Someone you love looks at you with a frown

THOUGHTS OF A POETESS (Smart devices, a probably dumb humanity)
Neofloetry, 2015.


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