I met him on a rather fluffy Sunday
His well-chiseled face lit like a thousand sun-rays
It burned softly, i couldn’t steady my gaze
My pupils went in a frenzy, am i in a daze?
His head moved this way and that
Just to catch my lips for a chat
But simplicity won’t let this time stand still
As the angry clouds belched and began to spill
We were drenched in solitude for stretched minutes
Not even silence could break it’s unplanned visit
My new found rambunctious wingless alpha male
Held me in his gaze till the day began to go pale
Then i took a whiff of the scented air around him
Debonair i couldn’t resist, his bass voice sang me a hymn
I couldn’t steady my gaze still
His eyes, spellbinding, looks that could kill
His hands moved this way and that
beneath the depth of my left breast, i felt a dart
It unlocked the gate where i hid my heaven
My true hiding place, my safe haven
Knock knock, i heard a swift soft burst
Love’s stardust sprinkled on me like I’m cursed
Bound by it’s supple chains for all eternity
His deep dipped brown eyes held me closer eternally
Silence finally gave in to the pressure of utterance
Words flew this way and that in assurance
He cracked a beautiful joke
His words enameled in love strokes
The heavens beckoned with claps of thunder
I looked up, smiled, my heart grew softer
I had never before witnessed this scene
But holding onto this sincere lode star won’t be a sin
So, i struck a never-before deal with my heart
To always cherish this love like beautifying stardust

THOUGHTS OF A POETESS (…of when dreams become reality)
(c) Neofloetry, 2015.


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