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Where is peace?

She is outside with her piece

Unhappy is the one written in her mind

She seeks for tranquil trailing from behind



Just took a long walk like Jill scott

A million voices throbbing her stillness, piecing the dots

Seeking for satisfying freedom from enraged contention

A bone that has clogged her throat stable with obsession



Screams, begging beastly brother violence

For a treaty that ends a war, an absolute credence

She preaches peaceful proverbs properly positioning purpose

Her echoing still small voice beckons all who blew her trombones



Dies to walk these streets with feet bare

Tying strings from the north to the entire Nigerian sphere

She summons strong figures of speech to placate the repulsive gods

Whose grey horses has refused to drink from the pool with tender drops



She cries daily in our blasts-ridden streets

When thousands unfed are silenced with death’s defeat

She wishes to be to be the pawn drawn by the paws of full resilience

Her vision is still bright in the darkness of calamity; relentless



She frees your mind from backstabbing relics

Her presence clears the ominous dark sky in hysterics

The absence of her cannot mean war; she is no whore riding on the feeble

So, many who hold her hands on this road will feel her absolute piercing like a needle



THOUGHTS OF A POETESS (Poets Preach Peace)

© Neofloetry, 2015.