So, it is heard that D’banj is still making ‘Tongolo’ music
But the koko of this story is that the masters that chase after kokolets make my muse sick
Don’t get me wrong, sexual machismo is now my neighbors’ new identity
When he grabs a bottle of yoghurt, grabs his crotch,
makes a move and smiles at a five year old girl;
This makes me angry and really sick
The rhythmic dangling of chauvinistic phalluses makes me really seek
For the same reason why area father called that orange seller into his batcher at six
Thirty, just to share his putrid yoghurt stored up for months and months in her empty container,
See, this really hurt

Tell me, who’s responsible?
Tell us, who’s responsible?
When the society rapes us constantly

I mean, why would soft porn turn once flaccid directors into stark raving bulging misdirected balls?
Why would Nneka shut her eyes when a guy kisses a lady in a movie?
Why would little James learn to pinch a girls butt; grow up later to become a heart-breaker?
Like Asa said “who’s responsible for what we teach our children”
Is it the same music infested with PORNished dance moves?
Is it the social media that has turned our youths into Jason and Medea?

Tell me who’s responsible?
Tell us, who’s responsible?
When our society rapes us incessantly
Whose responsibility is it
When a dog in heat is found stuck to a bitch
Running around tourist beach?
What a sight, my thought’s in flight
Who’s responsible for the bang bangs of thoughtless actions
The twang twangs of misconstrued strings of words like
“I want your body sleeping in my bed”,
“Baby, give IT to me”,
This makes virtue skip several beats

The society rapes us radically,
Tell me who’s responsible
Tell us, who’s responsible

I dare to ask again
Whose responsibility is when a young lady turns into a semi stripper by day; a full one in GRA by night?
Is it the cashless society whipped in reckless abandon?
Is it the agbada, the ofor or the tribal marks that criss-cross like the third mainland bridge?
Is it the mono De-railed project in Port Harcourt that our hands can’t reach?
Is it the man who constantly rapes his wife’s conscience, beating her black; leaving her blue?
This society may have been raped;
We are victims of governmental rape,
Our pockets driven like mad taxi drivers daring to tax i
False prophets raping us off our Godly virtues; Religious, they are no Rabbi
Parents raping their children’s future because of their futile future
Students raped off quality education
Bosses raping employees off their grants
History books raping us off the truth
Every human is a victim of life-size rape cases
We are guilty
Guilty of this offense
We poke our pregnant dreams, visions and aspirations
We constantly poke in and out of complacency with hard erected truthful lies
We constantly have miscarriages; dreams not seeing the light of day
The truth is, when a once tough bone becomes weak
So, will these outraged phalluses become limp
And our society repent of its charges; our future free from rape of all ages.
© Edwina ‘Neofloetry’ Aleme, 2015.

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