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THE MAKE UP (For my best friend Bebe)


Refrain: This sin is no phony
Its make up is my symphony

Let my voice speak of your trend
The day a Lioness was born; friend,
Let enthralled truths herald your essence;
A life contoured; highlighted in existence

Let red Lilies dance and turn
Like the lipstick you’ve worn and done.
This ward of loony sun
Shall tell of our memories; Fun.
Your birth a story in the book of stars

Refrain: This sin is no phony
Its make up is my symphony

Let the sun melt away your fears;
Let your very eyes embrace no tears,
Let the glow of your foundation revive,                                       
For peace is the good life you’ll survive

If my ears could speak your name;
They’ll tell of your hands-on fame,
If a thousand lips could listen
They’ll hear that you are special, so dear.

Refrain: This is no sin; it is no phony
Your make up is my symphony;
And I’ll dance to the tune of your testimony
Your make up is a BLESSING to many,
The world will dance to the tune of your symphony. 

(c) Neofloetry, 2015.



Let us keep watch for the owls are out,

They are out by every second’s tick

Another church bell rings loudly

To announce another Charleston-like return.

Tonight got burnt in blazes

Flames entwined in glazy tango

Will its worshippers keep wide-eyed

Or will their tambourines snap furiously


Let us keep watch for the sniper is out

His kind has crossed the monochrome bridge

They doubled a barrel kissing the last page of the bible

Kneeling, wearing the coat before the arms

“Let the Niccur down!” I hear like bad tickle

“Bury the cathedral” I hear again, like blurred twinkle

Will the Reverend reverence the pistol’s anger

Or will these burning voice forgive by barter


Let us Keep watch when the thief comes

At night his shadow will churn out screaming voices

Let us stand, holding high our torches

To touch light in this whitened black house

For another black house dances with crackling flames

Carry us away from the captivity buried in white soil

Kneel with your drenched heart before another spoil

Keep your watches watching, waiting before Carolina claims


Do not be silent, for it’s too loud

Let us keep watch with our voices in the clouds




Neofloetry, 2015

(For another black church going up in flames in South Carolina, July 1st)