Monthly Archives: February 2016



Order my steps beneath this wilting tree.
Take me through a kaleidoscope of strength,
For my roots to hinge firmly on.
May these leaves dried and crumbled
Remind my trunk of rain that will shower,
The wind that will brush against my branches,
Giving me hope of lush greenery,
And sprouting fruits that will announce
My purpose of giving hope to many
Who seek for a reason to living;
In harshness of gashes,
In the pains of tilting,
In the gains of giving shed
To all who carve their names,
Peeling off my bark to preserve
Their memories for decades;
Constantly reminding the world
Of their hope in my resilience,
A family tree that can’t be cut
Even when time races to halt.
My firmness in seasons
Will teach me to take them there,
Where their strength lies
In the openness of truth.