How be it that seven sins fastened
Themselves to this wailing body?
Pride of the mind to remain clueless
Of the stricken woes, conjuring up images
of the past.
Spirits that thawed at my flesh
Gnawing at my daily life; counting stars
That will someday shine before the world
Not drowned in sin.
Seven seconds birthed seven hours
Seven hours evolved into seven days
Seven days crawling into seven months
Seven months singing songs of seven years
Seven years of frolicking with demons of the mind,
Wishes of the being loved beyond these seven demons.
Entangled in guilty love, my sin; of mistakes
Love misplaced on priorities of life.
Men mentioned my name; tongues unbridled
My wealth they never questioned,
But squealed at my very presence at the master’s feet.
He knew me, though I never knew this;
His undying love to set me free, set me free
From the demons that raged within,
That tore me in shreds; pieces without amends.
Here i am at the master’s feet, with tears drowning me
In the river of his unending flowing love.
I am Mary of Magdala, a city that rises in riches
A temple, a castle where I reside,
still not knowing my worth.
I am still at the Master’s feet; breathing in his life
His very life that sent these demons running
At the sound of his conquering voice.
I am Mary Magdalene; filled with love
Love flowing from the Master’s heart to mine.
Not minding what the crowd said
Not minding how their eyes peered;
Piercing like stabbing knives, hoeing out my past,
Calling me a prostitute for joining myself with seven troubles;
sleeping with them daily, from dusk to dawn.
Master, I am not in trouble
I am safe; secured by your overwhelming presence
For every sent out demon, you never left me empty
You filled me with compassion, joy, faith, peace, strength
grace and passion to continue in love for you
For in this I see your love for the church.
My kisses, you replaced with your kisses
Reminding me of how much you love the church.
I mean, no man hates that which he loves
No man can watch his right hand wilt with rot
He makes the effort to cleanse it still
For he know what he feels
Gazing at my eyes you saw my conflicts
Blotting every one of them from your manuscript;
Writing my name in the book of life; a leader
My sins crucified with you;
Dragged my conflicts to hell,
defeating the devil; healing me totally
Setting me free.
Certainly, we are in perfect peace; no more demons
Though they lurk in dark corners
we chase them out with your light
reminding them of who we are; resilient for you
Reminding them of our tears at your feet
The perfumed ointment at your feet
Our hair, wiped with your feet
We are still at the Master’s feet
With this alabaster box of faith;
pouring it all out just for him
For every demon gone, never to return
we hear the number of completeness
spewing from his mouth daily, saying
“Your sins are forgiven, and your faith has
made you whole, go in peace”



About neofloetry

I am a lover of the real things of life and love. An actress, Playwright, Poetess and a lover of Hip Hop. I do not compromise my happiness for any negative thing and i am human. I just love to scribble down my thoughts, no matter the topic... I make mistakes! Welcome to my blog page.

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