I echo the voice of the one at work in me;
He, the first begotten of the Father
The righteous one; in whom I am also righteous,
child of the Most High God
Speaking beyond with the voice of the new race,
overshadowing the voice of the first man; Adam,
Not adding his nature to this new life that’s one with Christ,
For in Him, I am cloaked; one with God,
a chosen generation.

I am an Ambassador,
A Royal Priest not hooded with inscriptions,
prescriptions of the sad, you see
Not in the league of the far behind, I see beyond,
venting words of wisdom from atop a hill,
a city that can’t be hid; shinning.
Speaking, for God constantly speaks through me;
to my world, a minister to save,
and ten thousand tongues not enough to tie me,
for the Father speaks in me.
I am a worthy representative in Christ;
a reflection of the eternal life giver,
The way maker who guides my pathway in life
The one in whom all earthly bonds in me are snipped,
dipped in Christ’s cleansing blood; my new blood tie.

I am an Ambassador; engrafted to the tree of life,
A tree planted in the water of the word,
Bearing seeds of righteousness at the scent
of His ever sure word.
I know no drought, I am never in doubt,
Erased from Thomas’ lineage;
Now a believer in this Love world- believe her,
Yes, believing that the old me is declared missing; dead
Dissing the craftiness of the evil one; he fled from
this old man whose tracks and traces are bundled,
thrown into the sea of forgetfulness.

I am an Ambassador,
Forward tracking, fast, reeling real pictures
of the one true me before the mirror of the word.
I know who I am, I commune with the great I AM
Whose light floods my heart, clothing my space
Eternally SPREADING, free, flying faithfully; virgin
Incorruptible, accepted
Member of the best team, winning in Him
Crowned, seated in Heavenly places together
with my big brother; the Christ

I am an Ambassador,
I stand, bold as a lion, roaring, spreading
the wildfire of truth with righteous invasion
in this life’s jungle.
Kinging, Lambanoing all that’s mine,
for the earth is the Lord’s; in his fullness, all things
are possible, for Christ resides in me-
My hope and firm foundation.
I am spreading in every facet of life,
Revitalized by the Holy Spirit,
and my eyes focused on the son’s sun;
Scorching shadows of freshly stale past.

We are Ambassadors,
Worthy Ambassadors;
clad with a goodly heritage.
We are Ambassadors,
worthy representatives of Christ,
In Christ, and
For Christ..

©Neofloetry, 2015.


About neofloetry

I am a lover of the real things of life and love. An actress, Playwright, Poetess and a lover of Hip Hop. I do not compromise my happiness for any negative thing and i am human. I just love to scribble down my thoughts, no matter the topic... I make mistakes! Welcome to my blog page.

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