Dear Ex-Boyfriend,
I am sorry you got left in your dark shades,
Watching me behind closed doors,
Wondering what my next move will be,
Who my next man would be;
Surfacing from a cocoon,
and breaking out into a butterfly,
To rest on my nectar of sweetness,
and to express with joy the beauty he’s drawn.

Ex-Boyfriend, I’d love to see you cry,
Weep tears like whipped cream,
That will slur your voice, wrapping your past
Sending you to the cocoon where you came from,
So you can unlearn the wrongs you learned,
And become a caterpillar, and eventually a butterfly,
To appreciate the beauty you lost,
And the nectar you once poisoned.

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,
No precious gem bargained to be lost, but found,
But you found this one and lost it forever.

©Neofloetry, 2016.


About neofloetry

I am a lover of the real things of life and love. An actress, Playwright, Poetess and a lover of Hip Hop. I do not compromise my happiness for any negative thing and i am human. I just love to scribble down my thoughts, no matter the topic... I make mistakes! Welcome to my blog page.

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