Who says buzzers are not very efficient when it is highly needed? For me, it is one of the most important tools for anyone who’s aiming to get to the top for all the right reasons. When any celebrity does something, there is a buzzer for their achieved feat, either in the movie or music industries, etc, then, just trust the rest to my fellow concerned Nigerians to help punch the red button. We can do all things you know *wink* Buzzer can do you good or create definite harm to your personality, so watch it. I love attention. Who doesn’t?

So, yesterday, May 3, 2017, was a rather chilly day. Everyone in our dear Pitakwa (Port Harcourt City) woke up squinting at the already dark clouds that replaced their duvets. The wind huffed and puffed like an angry Bull ready to hit target, then minutes later, it started to rain heavily. I laid in bed for all I cared, but that wasn’t all I was getting my day ready for. Instagram gave me a signal from my mobile phone, and so did facebook. I did come across someone’s post talking about “…My life is now like a movie.” That was pointer I didn’t ignore. I held on to it, then decided to selfishly start my day properly. Hours later my eyes rammed themselves on the best news ever… [soft music playing] BANKY W and ADESUWA ETOMI ARE ENGAGED! Whhhhaaaaaaatttt!!!!!!! I quickly took to my Facebook page and aired my view after reading loads and loads of posts and comments from all my social media platforms. Here’s what I said

Some say it is fake news, others say the word “Marry” wasn’t spelt correctly, while many are still trying to gather more information on how true the Banky W and Adesua’s engaement news is…” (How is it anyone’s business if Banky didn’t spell the word ‘Marry’ correctly? It might be that he was just trying to be romantically creative with the first alphabet of her name (‘A’ for Adesuwa), making it look creatively out of the norm. The love crooner had to put an ‘Ace’ to the word, biko. Afterall, they are two sweet souls. Go and argue with your keypads. I am a Poet, remember?) Lol.

(You will read the rest of my Facebook post below)

Now, as a typical Nigerian single, I decided to also mention the most important aspect of weddings, whether the couple know you or not. This is the part where you get to find out if you can lay hold of the asoebi material from someone who perhaps might know the couple (Na celebrity wedding be this o, not your neighbors’ sister’s wedding). I came across hilarious comments about this very aspect, and I heaved a sigh because I wasn’t the only one in this ‘wedding dress code syndrome’.  I went on to say, “I hope to start saving 1k from now till it’s time to buy asoebi for this epic wedding ceremony…” for goodness sake, who does that? (Us, uninvited Naija people), this is a big buzzer!

Anyway, so, this charming gentlemanly young man Banky W went on to propose to his friend of over two years in the month of February 2017, and none of us hungry fans heard about it till yesterday? Now, check the buzzer word ‘Friend’. How many relationships can bask in the euphoria of genuine friendship until the male sex decides to propose to the female sex, then go ahead to make it public after two years? Notice that neither Banky nor Adesua mentioned anything about the most overrated pre-nuptial word “Courtship”.  Could it be that they did it quietly or they just didn’t pay too much attention to that word? Well, this is not my headache, so there is no need to swallow their Panadol at this stage of bliss. This is an even bigger buzzer.

Most young people have been so smeared with the effect of getting hooked to Mister or Miss Right, so much that they lose their sense of reasoning (forgive my naivety. This is just my opinion). I am sure there is so much pressure out there for many who seek to calm their nerves down in the loving arms of their spouse after the entire wedding ceremony. Trust me, Naija Celebrities are the most gullible, especially when they think of their supposed ‘high-class weddings’. Most of them tend to look at theirs from the angle of “Knight sweeping Cinderella off her feet, then living happily ever after…)” Hogwash! The real world has the opposite pictures… [Drum roll] … ask the likes of the ‘Power-puff triple T’; Aunty Tonto, Tiwa, Toke, and now Mercy Aigbe-Gentry (I think they have the original version of a typical ‘Naija Celebrity Marriage’). As a child, I believed in fairytale weddings, especially after reading too many Lady Bird storybooks (will you blame me?), now I am an adult, I must put away childish things and reason like a sane adult.

Currently, in this day of high tension technology, my very able and very vibrant Naija social media freaks will never let such weddings get a proper breather. First, they will hear of the news, get excited for a few minutes, go back, think about the persons involved, then come up with their own version; some still excited and others just plainly hating. Smh, is it your wedding?

Need I say more, before I ramble out what I am not supposed to. I respect this love story so much that it inspires me a lot. Imagine their closest buddies holding onto that secret for two years (Lynxx finally got a relieved… Phew! I wonder how many loyal friends can keep these kinds of secrets.) Something tells me these two are bound to last forever (No be say challenges no go dey o, but God na their strength).

Hearing and reading this news just feels like my mouth is filled with yummy caramel and creamy chocolate (too much sweetness).

Let the original Wedding Party 2 begin already! This is the biggest buzzer. I await Nigerians and their ever-so-hilarious comments and drama on social media…


Yours Truly

Edwina Amakievi Aleme


About neofloetry

I am a lover of the real things of life and love. An actress, Playwright, Poetess and a lover of Hip Hop. I do not compromise my happiness for any negative thing and i am human. I just love to scribble down my thoughts, no matter the topic... I make mistakes! Welcome to my blog page.

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  1. Some FANS knew how to cut there idols into pieces… I read lots of the buzzing buzzers on FB… If u wan be happy for someone den be happy and no turn their life into theater art and make SUPERSTORY out of their affairs.

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