I come online, and i can’t get past three posts without this name embracing my optical sense. He was last seen on the 1st of June; kidnapped by unknown persons who reacted to his recent essay on being Queer. He is a good writer; a facebook friend. I had no idea. I got concerned and snoopy, then decided to read his 15th May article on brittle paper titled ‘We’re Queer, We’re Here’, and almost immediately i had a flashback on my final year project “COMING OUT” A DRAMA ON MALE HOMOSEXUALITY IN NIGERIA’S TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS. In Act III, Scene II, the gay protagonist faces serious bullying by some homophobic undergraduates in the same Department. His roommate eventually finds out, and also tries to help him seek psychological prognosis in the end… Did it help him?

I remember a certain time when a young man; a junior colleague was almost picked up from our Department’s car park, a few months before final year graduation, because he is a queer kind; and with slightly curvaceous hips like that of a lady. An alarm was raised, and he was rescued from the danger that had awaited him that evening. Four guys in a Toyota Camry almost snatched him away from school. I couldn’t come to terms with why i would want to hurt another person because he/she is of an odd behavior. Where i feel funny is when i am not being able to relate to when this goes beyond just feeling different from within. I have respect for every human being because God created us all, but something evil seeks to destroy what God has created beautifully and wonderfully, hence the disorderliness.

During my project research period, i lost the plump weight i had gained during my third year, due to the vast information on this mind boggling issue. The more i researched, the more i began to see beyond the reason why i shouldn’t hurt anyone because… I began to understand the medical, psychological and emotional sides of these sets of people. I developed a better heart in the long run (I had never hated them, but only wished such will just go away and not put them in great danger. I can’t stand people being hurt for not knowing why they are the way they are). As a believer of God, all you can do is just keep holding them up in earnest prayers, upholding them before God. Truth is, God didn’t create anyone like that, this only happens when a child is born into a world were the spiritual evil rules the earth. Anything can happen. How do you explain why a child is born with a hole in the heart? Thank God for medical science, but how…? It only takes the spiritual good to overcome such oddness.

Gayism, like i wrote in the Abstract of my Final year project paper, states that it is becoming a widespread practice among youths in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions, and it is gradually taking center stage, and many young people are still facing bullying. I went on to quote the author of CHANGING HOMOSEXUALITY IN THE MALE, Lawrence J. Hatterer. He opines that “One who is motivated by a definite preferential erotic attraction to members of the same-sex, usually but not necessarily engages in overt sexual relations with them.”

Most of these individuals sometimes ‘helplessly’ choose to remain in this because they can’t come to terms with why they are this way, especially in a society where such is strongly kicked against. They earnestly yearn also to be able to share their feelings and desires, become members of communities that gives them the platforms to express their shared views without inhibitions (This is a very sensitive matter, not everyone who’s homophobic can understand this). The likes of Sigmund Freud, Isidor Sadger, Jean Foucault, David Halperin, etc, all have their opinion about this very issue.

My heart goes out to Chibụìhè Light Obi You will return in one piece.
I pray for his safety. I pray that his abductors will let him go free, without a fuss. Amen!
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Note: These are my personal thoughts.
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