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Testimony time… Story time… History studies…


As a family, they gather together to share a word of exhortation or two. One thing leads to another and a long storytelling spree breaks out.


It is a hazy late Christmas morning. The harmattan weather is rather harsh on everyone. Father is coughing. Mother lets out a sneeze and a “Jesus is Lord!” outcry. The two siblings giggle at the sight of the dry and cold weather challenge their parents are facing.


“Somebody praise the Lord…!” Mother’s voice breaks into a ululating chant. She wipes of a spec of dried catarrh on the side of her right nostril with a ply of tissue paper.


“Halleluyah!” everyone choruses. Father is checking for a bible passage on his tablet device. He finds one, smiles, and asks in a sing song manner


“Does anyone have a testimony to the glory of God?”

“Yes. I have one…” the younger sibling retorts

“Me too…” Mother says smiling

“Okay, let us hear it. One minute each.” He says

“ONE MINUTE EACH!” the older sibling emphasizes. Mother shoots her an unreceptive look.


The older sibling casts a long wry look at both parents. She sits facing her younger sibling, as though to say “I hope this doesn’t turn into a long boring story o!” the younger sibling smirks her lips, sits pretty, adjusts her sitting position, and lets out a “Praise the Lord somebody!” in a soft feigned British accent.


Three minutes later, the older sibling is frowning at everyone. Father is typing away at his tablet device. The pings from social media notifications fill the sitting room. Mother on the other hand is constantly interrupting the storytelling testimony session with her own version of the past incidents told. Father is nodding his head, but not concentrating on the tell-tale session.


It is mother’s turn to tell her testimony of the “goodness of the Lord’. The older sibling begins to get oversensitive. She looks at the clock beside her. “Oh God! This is going to take FOREVER” She mumbles under breath. Mother likes to tell stories in a rather fascinating way. She is detailed and every scenario comes with a vivid description of past incidents and how “the good Lord never fails those who put their trust in Him.”


Five minutes later, the older sibling cannot contain herself enough to join in the morning prayers. Father is still typing away on his device. Younger sibling relaxes herself into the chair. She is sleeping. Mother picks up her phone as it rings out loudly. She answers in a low tone.


“Hello, please can you call me back in the next five minutes? We are having our family devotion.”


Father places the tablet device beside him on the side stool. He stands up and begins pacing around the sitting room singing praises to the savior of all mankind. He starts to pray in an unknown tongue. Mother joins in. Younger sibling is still sleeping, her mouth agape.


“Let us pray!” father says. He notices his younger daughter sleeping. He walks up to her, pinches her knee cap. She jerks back from her sleep.


“Pray. Thank God for giving us His son for this season… Pray. Pray!” He continues fervently


Older sibling opens one eye to look at her Father who is by this time deep in praying fervently. She takes another look at the clock. It says “9:55am


“Dear Father God, I know this is not right, but help my parents understand that I have to go out before 10:30am. Amen!”




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