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Like the youthful consistency of a Swange dancer,

On this parallel line of life’s inconsistencies;

I see black and white. Pain and peace

All to a journey to self-discovery


I reclined in my thoughts and ask these questions

Upon this temple of liberation:


How do I skanky-leg my way to the truth

How do I dance uncontrollably towards peaceful protest?

How do I sway from side-to-side, smiling at the emergence of false reality?

Will this unsuspecting audience applaud my false bravery?


I reclined further, then I asked again

Why is the world a monotonous cacophony?


Why are seeds planted upon the earth, and not in our minds?

Why do babies announce their arrival with a loud cry and not a lullaby?

What is natural when natural is as natural as can be; organic?

Why do cows eat blades of grass and not spears of metals, guns or grenades?

Why does fire start on this dry land ravaging all in its path?


Why does biology determine the sex of an individual; male or female?

Why does social media teach our girls to be Medea against our boys;

boys who never cared if love is freeborn

Why does rain drown itself in its tears, flooding the earth?

Why is depression an option that blinds the feeble

pushing to sue men in death’s court?

Why do we spend years arranging alphabets only to spread them as suicide notes?

Are these men of letters the perfect voice for these lost boys who sojourned?


Why do the sun and the moon avoid each other before the strike of six?

Are their words like clubs and sticks by day and by night?

Why do children prefer moonlight but not the stories of old?

Why do they forget the history told at the footstool of our ancestors?

Why are the old too strong for giving up their weakness?

Why are the young now too weak giving up their strength?


What is this world without you and me?

Why does the world seek you and I daily?

How often should we fight the universe and the universe pretend to not exist?

Do monkeys go to hell for their selfishness?

Do snakes eventually have hands to keep the heart warm?


These questions are the meaninglessness of life

This life is engraved in meaningless questions

If you ask me why I asked these questions

I would tell you about the river drowning itself

I would tell you how the ocean came to its rescue;

Their bond is a challenge that is deeper than the eyes can see

This bond is a challenger deep not many can reach


These questions

are deep…




© NEO.Flo.Etry





Picture credit: http://www.pixels.com

…Of female celebrities and fans’ comparisons

…Of female celebrities and fans’ comparisons

We are in a world where everything is tilting towards the edge of destruction; a point where all forms of ‘negative’ gradually take the center-stage, and suddenly announces its landslide annoying actions. We are in that place of ‘Man against man’ or in this write-up, fans against fans of female celebrities.

Female celebrities have always been the perfect picture of their shrieking fans, despite their obvious flaws, and have in their own way of ‘making it’ caused these fans to overreact when someone doesn’t quite agree with what they see and love about their favorite female celebrity. It is on this and many more basis upon which anti-fanism or celebrity comparisons erupt from or is built upon.

A few weeks back, on Instagram, I came across a post where Nollywood actress Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde lashed out on why there shouldn’t be a reason to compare female celebrities and push them out there for fans or non-fans to choose. She made it known and clear that this might or is a form of sparking up uncalled for hatred (not her exact words). Her raised alarm can also be likened to when we come across article headlines like ‘Who is the most beautiful with their makeover’, ‘Who is the curviest female Nollywood celebrity; Omotola or Mercy Johnson?’, ‘Who is this or who is that?’, ‘Who is the most talented and sexiest female in the music industry?’, ‘10 female celebs who killed it with their banging hairstyle.’, ‘Top female celebrities whose skin color is brighter than hologen lamps… ask Bobrisky!‘. With these kinds of questions, there is bound to be a show of ‘Fan war’. We are in a small space where everyone is shoving their views and opinions in our faces, and we a no longer unconsciously buying the idea, but we are wide-eyed and consciously swallowing the large red pills.

Fans constantly, on a daily basis try to shove down their favorite celebrities quality and attributes down the throats of non-fans, and this is escalated by the help of the mother of world-wide information…[Dramatic music plays in the background]… the almighty Social Media! I mean what happened to the days of “This is my opinion, just allow me to cruise in it?” Take for example, the constant barraging of insults and bickering from fans during the just concluded Big Brother Naija show. Imagine what the female housemates went through and how anti-fanism came full-fledged to play in that circus of obscene tongue lashing on all social media platforms. There was a time when I got a shrapnel of the fight that almost cut short an almost six months old friendship. Smh.

As a thespian and poet, I see daily that one cannot claim that they have ‘fully arrived’ without an audience judging you based on your professional abilities or performances onstage or offstage. I remember being enlightened in a course in the University- Sociology of Drama, that says we cannot force our beliefs, likes or dislikes on someone just because that is what we are used to, and a norm for us. We were made to strongly learn to accommodate each other since we are all from diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, tribes and social class, but it seems to me the public/fans hardly draw their minds to ascertain these kinds of sensitive comparisons. For example, I cannot compare myself with my two best friends (B and O), because I have concluded that we simply complement each other’s creativity, skill, talent, looks and attitudes, etc. For a minute, just imagine what then will happen when we eventually become world class, and one of the most sort after talented individuals in the Nollywood, Literary or Beauty world, just imagine the uncomfortable positions fans will put themselves in and end up breeding anti-fans… Hmmmm, comparisons will become the other of the day.

In a society like ours, or maybe around the world, results have shown that both male and female celebrities are likely subjected to the brashness of the anti-fanism plague, however it is prevalent that female celebrities get one hundred percent of the most lash out from those who don’t like them. Most times, these fans or anti-fans quickly hinge their facts on the looks or attitude of their best or least favorite celebrities (E.g. Gifty and T-Boss of the BBN show), not minding the flaws of that individual.

Sometimes I ask this rhetorical question “How did we get into this mess?” Fan culture is synonymous to ‘vox populi’, a position where the voice of the people becomes stronger and eventually cause a general good or possible bad. Until every individual who has a favorite celebrity out there begin to appreciate and not fight others with their rough edges, there will be constant chaos banging on the walls of the world-wide web without remorse.

My advice is, we should all learn to appreciate others and tame our wild tongues or QWERTY itchy fingers, so as to avoid undue social media fights or wars because of unavoidable celebrity comparisons.


Yours Truly

Edwina Amakievi Aleme (Neofloetry)



Photo credit: Stargist Online Mag.



So, it is heard that D’banj is still making ‘Tongolo’ music
But the koko of this story is that the masters that chase after kokolets make my muse sick
Don’t get me wrong, sexual machismo is now my neighbors’ new identity
When he grabs a bottle of yoghurt, grabs his crotch,
makes a move and smiles at a five year old girl;
This makes me angry and really sick
The rhythmic dangling of chauvinistic phalluses makes me really seek
For the same reason why area father called that orange seller into his batcher at six
Thirty, just to share his putrid yoghurt stored up for months and months in her empty container,
See, this really hurt

Tell me, who’s responsible?
Tell us, who’s responsible?
When the society rapes us constantly

I mean, why would soft porn turn once flaccid directors into stark raving bulging misdirected balls?
Why would Nneka shut her eyes when a guy kisses a lady in a movie?
Why would little James learn to pinch a girls butt; grow up later to become a heart-breaker?
Like Asa said “who’s responsible for what we teach our children”
Is it the same music infested with PORNished dance moves?
Is it the social media that has turned our youths into Jason and Medea?

Tell me who’s responsible?
Tell us, who’s responsible?
When our society rapes us incessantly
Whose responsibility is it
When a dog in heat is found stuck to a bitch
Running around tourist beach?
What a sight, my thought’s in flight
Who’s responsible for the bang bangs of thoughtless actions
The twang twangs of misconstrued strings of words like
“I want your body sleeping in my bed”,
“Baby, give IT to me”,
This makes virtue skip several beats

The society rapes us radically,
Tell me who’s responsible
Tell us, who’s responsible

I dare to ask again
Whose responsibility is when a young lady turns into a semi stripper by day; a full one in GRA by night?
Is it the cashless society whipped in reckless abandon?
Is it the agbada, the ofor or the tribal marks that criss-cross like the third mainland bridge?
Is it the mono De-railed project in Port Harcourt that our hands can’t reach?
Is it the man who constantly rapes his wife’s conscience, beating her black; leaving her blue?
This society may have been raped;
We are victims of governmental rape,
Our pockets driven like mad taxi drivers daring to tax i
False prophets raping us off our Godly virtues; Religious, they are no Rabbi
Parents raping their children’s future because of their futile future
Students raped off quality education
Bosses raping employees off their grants
History books raping us off the truth
Every human is a victim of life-size rape cases
We are guilty
Guilty of this offense
We poke our pregnant dreams, visions and aspirations
We constantly poke in and out of complacency with hard erected truthful lies
We constantly have miscarriages; dreams not seeing the light of day
The truth is, when a once tough bone becomes weak
So, will these outraged phalluses become limp
And our society repent of its charges; our future free from rape of all ages.
© Edwina ‘Neofloetry’ Aleme, 2015.



Women: He
from dusk
to dawn in purple damask

All: He must be rich

Men: He
for hours
exhibiting his powers

All: He must be mad

Youths: He
for festivities
concealing shady activities

All: He must be a snitch

Women: He
behind closed doors
and claps as tears pours

All: He must be bad

Youths: He
ate and laughed
sang and laughed
his heart pounded

All: He must be sick

Men: He
his heart pounded
his body surrounded

Women: He must be dying

Men: He is dying!

Youths: Must he die?

All: He has died!


JAGGED EXPRESSIONS (Poli-ticks and What-Nots)
Neofloetry, 2014