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Like the youthful consistency of a Swange dancer,

On this parallel line of life’s inconsistencies;

I see black and white. Pain and peace

All to a journey to self-discovery


I reclined in my thoughts and ask these questions

Upon this temple of liberation:


How do I skanky-leg my way to the truth

How do I dance uncontrollably towards peaceful protest?

How do I sway from side-to-side, smiling at the emergence of false reality?

Will this unsuspecting audience applaud my false bravery?


I reclined further, then I asked again

Why is the world a monotonous cacophony?


Why are seeds planted upon the earth, and not in our minds?

Why do babies announce their arrival with a loud cry and not a lullaby?

What is natural when natural is as natural as can be; organic?

Why do cows eat blades of grass and not spears of metals, guns or grenades?

Why does fire start on this dry land ravaging all in its path?


Why does biology determine the sex of an individual; male or female?

Why does social media teach our girls to be Medea against our boys;

boys who never cared if love is freeborn

Why does rain drown itself in its tears, flooding the earth?

Why is depression an option that blinds the feeble

pushing to sue men in death’s court?

Why do we spend years arranging alphabets only to spread them as suicide notes?

Are these men of letters the perfect voice for these lost boys who sojourned?


Why do the sun and the moon avoid each other before the strike of six?

Are their words like clubs and sticks by day and by night?

Why do children prefer moonlight but not the stories of old?

Why do they forget the history told at the footstool of our ancestors?

Why are the old too strong for giving up their weakness?

Why are the young now too weak giving up their strength?


What is this world without you and me?

Why does the world seek you and I daily?

How often should we fight the universe and the universe pretend to not exist?

Do monkeys go to hell for their selfishness?

Do snakes eventually have hands to keep the heart warm?


These questions are the meaninglessness of life

This life is engraved in meaningless questions

If you ask me why I asked these questions

I would tell you about the river drowning itself

I would tell you how the ocean came to its rescue;

Their bond is a challenge that is deeper than the eyes can see

This bond is a challenger deep not many can reach


These questions

are deep…




© NEO.Flo.Etry





Picture credit: http://www.pixels.com



We are a people with greatness embedded in the center of our beings, and with a love for several delicacies, from the different geo-political zones. We like it fried, porridge, baked, sautéed, barbequed, roasted or any kind of soup. Nigeria remains a country with diverse tribes and different kind of dishes that have the empowering abilities to cause any lover of “belle first” to dive neck deep into that lagoon, not minding if that dish will end their lives or not. Anyone who is a self-acclaimed foodist or an entitled one will know how important it is to ‘guard that which is its own’ (abi na lie?). Nigerian food lovers always protect their delicacies with all jealousy.

Jollof rice is a one of its kind common dish in Western Africa. Its name is derived from the Wolof people of Senegal, and the Gambia, but Nigeria and Ghana have since come from a very debatable standpoint of being the ‘originators’ of the perfectly prepared version of this highly respected delicacy. Other countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Cameroon and Togo also consume this dish. As we all know, for a period, there has been ongoing social media war on “Which country prepares the best Jollof rice, Nigeria or Ghana?”. This doesn’t seem like it is going to stop anytime soon, if Jesus tarries. Nigerians are not willing to back down, as many foodists come up with several innovative ways to prepare and decorate the ‘Naija Jollof’ to catch the eye of the eater. In fact, some people hold this dish sacred. (Jesu egba wa o!) God help us.

As someone who loves to cook for myself, and for people, I have gotten to that point where I see people fight because of food or even fight to get their own portion of food. You can find this action take place in our regular wedding ceremonies or other open-air parties where the ‘public’ is invited. I have noticed that the most fought for food is the very popular firewood, well cooked, sauced and spiced jollof rice, garnished with a piece of fried chicken or beef. No one would want to give up on that, especially when the aroma from their neighbors’ plate hit their nostrils with all joyfulness, and awakening your tastebuds; making your mouth watery. Lol

Just last week friday, Richard Quest of CNN visited Lagos, Nigeria to anchor his programme Richard Quest means Business, and there was a brief Q and A session he had with our dear Minister of Information and Culture (I will not mention his name, before the ongoing war in my head will end because of a truthful lie…) who subconsciously decided in his mind to end an age long war when asked “Which country makes the most delicious Jollof rice in Africa?” . His answer was a tsunami! *Covers face* Someone once said that “that singular act is a treasonable felony, punishable under the Nigeria Jollof rice Act of 1960”, and I concurred that he should be punished without inviting professional whistle blowers to his rescue…

[Dramatic music playing in the background]

… Richard Quest went on to clarify in Act II, stating that  he asked “which country did Jollof rice originate from” and the lie came rushing… I mean, what was dear Mr. Information and Culture Minister thinking? Did he realize how many people fainted in Nigeria, and how many Ghanaians threw a send-off party, while the Senegalese were caught off-guard? This in fact is a case of the popular belief that “A witch cried and a baby died last night”. This is an unpardonable sin; to betray Nigerians in the face of Jollof War II. A Lai-Lie may have just ended this war for nothing. This sweet war? Imagine American celebrities clamoring over the ever-so-tasteful NAIJA JOLLOF RICE! Three ‘gbosa’ for us jor!

Just recently, Aso’s wobbly rock came to the rescue of Nigerians, by stating that Nigerians can continue in the fight by holding the title “Nigerians cook the best Jollof rice in West Africa.” At least, this gave us hope that we are still title holders. I mean, who wouldn’t want to defend its own in the face of ‘best food’ chaos? For goodness sake, Jollof rice is a state of mind of the Nigerian majority. Everyone holds it to high esteem. Overlooking the garnishing of this dish and spelling the word with a small letter ‘j’ is a slap on the faces of a million and more Jollofists at home and in the diaspora. No Naija Jollof rice enthusiast will take this lightly (Ghanaians, take note. We are not smiling).

So, for everyone who had serious migraine after a truthful Lai-Lie almost ended this war, may you find budding reasons why you should keep defending your own, and keep fighting this war until the opponent bows out, hoisting the Jollofist white flag of peace. This is our ‘Jollofist Anthem’

I pledge to JOLLOF my best food


To serve it HOT with all my heart

To DEFEND her uniting integrity


SO HELP ME GOD (to not LAI!)

Yours Truly

Edwina Amakievi Aleme (Neofloetry)


Photo credit: dooneyskitchen.com